ASPIRE TO GREATNESS…What Does It Really Mean?




Greatnes...just aheadThroughout my lifetime, I never recall hearing the term “aspire to greatness,” with respect to what I could be or achieve as a person.  I recall using this term for the first time, in February 1999 when I wrote the Director of Continuing Education at Hudson County Community College a “Thank You Letter” for affording me the opportunity to inspire the students to “aspire to greatness” through the professional development training programs I was facilitating.  Who knew, what would be birthed 13 years later.

Whenever I observed the word “greatness” being used to describe a person, it was typically associated with famous actors and actresses, the wealthy, a famous doctor who discovered a cure or world-renowned artists and authors, just to name a few. This has left many of us feeling that unless we accomplished something noteworthy, or bore a last name like “Kennedy,” “Rockefeller,” “Hilton,” or “Obama,”  that greatness was out of reach. Well, I’m about to make your day…your year…hopefully, completely change your life. I want to give you another perspective on what it means to “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS.”

So, what does “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS” mean to me? Well, first I need to share with you an awesome book called, “The Science of Being Great,” (please download from the FREE Resources section) written by Wallace D. Wattles. Mr. Wattles was known as one of the fathers of the self-improvement movement. He was born in the USA shortly after the civil war, and experienced much failure in his earlier years. Later in life he became a student of various religious beliefs and philosophies of the world including those of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Swedenborg, Emerson, and others. It was through his research, committed study and experimentation that he discovered the truth of New Thought principles and put them into practice in his own life. He began to write books outlining these principles. In his life changing book, “The Science of Being Great,” he said,

“Nothing was ever in any man that is not in you; no man ever had more spiritual or mental power than you can attain, or did greater things than you can accomplish. You can become what you want to be.”

In that moment, I experienced a paradigm shift.  What I had believed and had known all of my life, took on a different shape and meaning.  It was more than an epiphany, it was a spiritual awakening; and it could not have come at a better time. Let me explain.

While reading this book, I was going through what I call my “greatest Tsunami–to date.” It is important to note that I completely understand that I was simply going through a “transition” and this “experience” was a part of my process.  What I affectionately termed my Tsunami, was preparation for fully embracing and walking out my purpose. Now, back to the story…during this phase of transition, I was experiencing an identity crisis (I will discuss in further detail in a future post as I believe this is an epidemic that many are facing today). Everyday, for a long season, I asked myself: “Who am I, really?“,” Why I am here?”, “Will I ever become great?” “Do I still have it?” You see for me, I defined great as how much money I had, my title, my home, my address, becoming a multi-millionaire, becoming a world-renowned motivational speaker, empowerment coach and trainer. Oh, boy, did I miss it. In fact, I missed it big time! True greatness is not measured in mere accomplishments of one’s goal or acquiring worldly status symbols, true greatness is a mindset. It’s a way of being, a way of thinking. In its simplest form is about doing everything in a great way.

Let me further expand on what I believe it means to “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS.”  To me, it means:

  1. walking in a spirit of excellence
  2. being a person of great integrity and character
  3. exercising moral and social responsibility
  4. awakening to your true self
  5. being authentic
  6. being self-aware
  7. living life “consciously”
  8. showing up for those that need and depend upon you, regardless of how you feel and what is and isn’t happening in your life
  9. being a servant
  10. being your brother and sister’s keeper in actions, not just in words
  11. being true to who you are without compromise
  12. intentionally and proactively becoming the change you want to see in the world

For the individual that lives to “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS,” every day they awake with a mindset that says:

  1. Mediocrity is not an option.
  2. I will make a difference in the world.
  3. I am pursuing my purpose with passion.
  4. I will become the change I want to see in the world.
  5. I will treat people as I want to be treated and not how they treat me.
  6. The vision for my life will be manifested.
  7. Today, I am going to be the best person I can be.
  8. I understand that my life doesn’t belong to me.  Therefore, I will show up in the life of everyone who needs me today; regardless of how I feel.
  9. I will live, do and be on a higher level.

The quote below has become my mantra, my belief.  I pray you will embrace this quote as your inward belief, which will change your outward expression of how you LIVE, DO and BE.

“Inherent in every human being is the ability to become great…this means you!”

YES…YOU ARE GREAT!  Regardless of your past, life experiences and where you currently find yourself.  YOUR PAST DOESN’T HAVE THE POWER TO DEFINE YOU…ONLY YOU DO!  Wallace D. Wattles said,

“Man’s brain, body, mind, faculties, and talents are the mere instruments he uses in demonstrating greatness; in themselves they do not make him great. A man may have a large brain and a good mind, strong faculties, and brilliant talents, and yet he is not a great man unless he uses all these in a great way.”

I concur! How about you? Beginning today, use everything you have at your disposable in a great way!

Here are 5 few simple things you can do today to walk in your greatness:

  1. Make a decision. Everything begins and ends with a decision.  Decide that today you will “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS!”
  2. Embrace Who You Really Are.  We are all spiritual beings having  a human experience.  Every spiritual being possesses greatness within him, which he/she can tap into at any moment.
  3. Read “The Science of Being Great.” If you have not done so already, download and commit to reading this book within the next 3 days.  The book will serve as a great companion and teacher on your journey.
  4. Subscribe to the Blog. Every journey will require motivation, inspiration, encouragement and energy to stay the course.
  5. Share.  There is power in sharing.  Do not underestimate the power of your words and your decree.  Your words could very well be what another member in our aspiring community needs to hear to help them on their journey.  So, in the comments box below, please share what you will commit to doing over the next 24 hours to start you on your journey to “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS!”  Pick any area of your life and making a commitment within the next 24 hours to do something to put you on that path.  What will you do over the next 30 days to create the life you want and deserve?

I wish you much success on your journey.  Remember, you are not alone; you have an aspiring community behind you.

Have a FANSPIRING day my friend!

Always Aspiring,


Your Sister and Friend

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About Rosalynd M. Rambert

Rosalynd M. Rambert is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. God has purposed Rosalynd to use her distinctive strengths and unique gifts to motivate, empower, energize and inspire individuals globally to aspire to greatness in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.
  • Joann

    Very inspiring words my sister. I am inspired to not hold back and stifle the greatness in me because others want to shine alone. I know that I am great and that my purpose is to help others understand that they are great to. I am so motivated to be all that I can be just from reading your message. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • My dear sister, reading your comment makes the hundreds of hours invested into launching this blog all worthwhile. My deepest desire is to see you and everyone I am connected with to awaken to the greatness that is ALREADY within them. Joann, this is your season to shine. Grab life with both hands and tap into the greatness that is within you. In so doing, you will inspire everyone you are connected with to LIVE…DO…BE on a higher level. My beautiful sister, it’s your time. Love you always.

  • We all have greatness on the inside of us and this article/blog entry gives great examples and ways to unlock it. Thanks, Rosalynd for sharing and helping us to truly understand and “aspire to greatness” in our everyday walk and life!

    • Hello Beautiful lady! Thank you so much for visiting the blog and for your encouraging words. I am so excited that we have partnered together during this season to help women realize the power that is within them to live their best lives now and to help prepare them for “such a time as this.” ASPIRE TO GREATNESS my dear friend!