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Woman Placing Palms TogetherTHANK YOU LADIES!

To everyone who tuned into our show The Power of Meditation,” on Saturday, April 20 at 10:00 AM, we would like to say thank you. This show concludes our series on “How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Success.”

Why Meditate?

This quote explains it well.

“Meditation practice is like piano scales, basketball drills, ballroom dance class. Practice requires discipline; it can be tedious; it is necessary. After you have practiced enough, you become more skilled at the art form itself. You do not practice to become a great scale player or drill champion. You practice to become a musician or athlete. Likewise, one does not practice meditation to become a great meditator. We meditate to wake up and live, to become skilled at the art of living.”~Elizabeth Lesser

Meditation is a powerful tool that provides many benefits.  Here are a few reasons to practice daily meditation:

  • Improved health
  • Gain inner peace
  • Tap into your higher-self
  • gain clarity about the things you want and don’t want
  • Reduced stress
  • Boost your creativity
  • Increase your self-awareness and level of consciousness
  • Enhance your personal and spiritual growth
  • Increase your concentration
  • become more focused and acquire a greater attention for detail

If you’re still not convinced meditation is for you, please read the excerpt below based on a study led by Sara Lazar, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School.

“Our data suggest that meditation practice can promote cortical plasticity in adults in areas important for cognitive and emotional processing and well-being,” says Sara Lazar, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School and leader of the study. “These findings are consistent with other studies that demonstrated increased thickness of music areas in the brains of musicians, and visual and motor areas in the brains of jugglers. In other words, the structure of an adult brain can change in response to repeated practice.”

This data should be very encouraging to you, because it implies that no matter your age or past experiences, you can become and experience whatever you desire. It simply takes effort, determination and repeated practice.  There are over 300 meditation techniques.  I am sure you can find one that’s a perfect fit for you .

We hope you will utilize all four strategies discussed over the past five shows (affirmations, visualization, positive self-talk and meditation) to reprogram your success mind to live the life you desire.  To learn more about strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind for success, please read 4 Powerful Ways To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to ASPIRE TO GREATNESS!

Again, I would like to applaud everyone who tuned-in to the shows and listened to the replays. What it says to me is that you are for ready change. Though change is not easy, it’s necessary! There is something in you saying “there is more,” and you have answered the call. You were created for a very specific purpose. You are here…

to do something that only you can do.

to make a difference in the way that only you can.

The “Ladies for Such A Time As This” show is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools and resources to prepare you to be effective and powerful in the assignments you have been destined to fulfill. To access the replay for “The Power of Meditation” and the archives of past shows, please click here.

Ladies, please be sure to mark your calendars for every 1st & 3rd Saturday from 10:00 – 10:30 AM to join us on the air.  WHO KNOWS IF YOU WERE PLACED IN YOUR JOB, BUSINESS, COMMUNITY, CHURCH, MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIPS FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

We wish you continued success on your journey to ASPIRE TO GREATNESS!

Always Aspiring,
Your Sister and Friend

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