A Moment of Transparency #5: Embracing The “Real” Truth


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Woman Meditating in FieldThe more I learn about myself and the more I learn about other people, I am convinced that as much as we say we want truth, we don’t really want it. Why? Because embracing the “real” truth is hard. Truth in its purest form will expose and reveal the things we want to keep hidden about ourselves. After all, we want to appear to the world and to ourselves as having it all together. This is an illusion, a deception that we have bought into; which prevents us from being real and authentic. No one, has it all together. Growth is a life-long process. For the past three years, I have been on an “intentional” journey of growth. On this journey, I have been discovering and accepting certain truths about who I really am. Some things I am happy and excited about, and the other things, I simply refer to as my “growth zones.” I’ll liken the experience to an excavation. The deeper you go, the more you uncover. Some things you keep because of their value, and the other things you discard. Each time I face a truth, it positions me for growth. Limited belief systems are shattered and empowering ones are created. My level of consciousness and awareness increases. I become a better person; a better friend; a better mother a better coach, a better trainer, a better speaker. I grow in strength, wisdom, maturity, character, self-discipline and self-leadership. The more I grow, the more I am able to live my potential and serve others in a more significant way. Furthermore, I am much more compassionate and loving with myself.  For I have come to understand that I am not here to be perfect, but to grow.  Here’s, what I’m learning about “real truth:”

  • Real truth…will no longer allow you to play small, but to shine brightly.
  • Real truth…will force you to ask the question, “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?,” then compels you to take action.
  • Real truth…will force you to deal with the things that you must, but don’t want to.
  • Real truth…will give you the courage to change directions, even when it’s not comfortable, acceptable or convenient.
  • Real truth…will help you to “see” people for who they really are. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they really are the first time, believe them.” Well, when they’ve shown you who they are 2, 5, 10 times.  What is preventing you from accepting the “real” truth about who they are?
  • Real truth…will cause you to walk away from the people that tolerate you; instead of celebrate you. You know, the people that say “Oh my God, here she comes (with a frown),” instead of “It’s so good to see her!”
  • Real truth…will cause you to walk away from people and relationships that don’t serve or grow you. In fact, many of these relationships are hurting you on a mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial level. Some of these relationships are your family members and long time friends. Walking away from “family” and friends was and continues to be extremely difficult for me. But, I have given myself permission to do so.
  • Real truth…will cause you to see that you need to reclaim your power and your true identity; so you can no longer be controlled and manipulated. Somehow, being disrespected, dishonored and devalued has become more comfortable to you than walking away and standing in your truth. Is this any way for you to live?

This season has been one of significant growth for me. Changing, stretching, maturing and growing me in all the ways that matter. To truly ASPIRE TO GREATNESS, we must begin to LIVE. DO. BE. THINK…HIGHER! The starting point is to get real honest and embrace the truth about who you really are, and what you really want. You should ASPIRE to live a life that:

  • is authentically you!
  • honors you and makes you feel good about who you are!
  • enables you to live with passion and purpose!
  • gives you energy and puts a smile on your face every day!
  • allows you to show up as the amazing being you are and walk in your greatness!
  • enables you to live your full potential!

Let me warn you, embracing the “real” truth will take tremendous courage. In fact, all the courage you have and then some. But you know what, if I have been able to summon that level of courage, so can you. The truth is this…only the truth can set you free. The wonderful thing is that, your freedom will give you the wings that you need to grow and ASPIRE. I’m getting free; and would like to invite you to do the same. LET’S ASPIRE TO GREATNESS TOGETHER!

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Rosalynd M. Rambert is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. God has purposed Rosalynd to use her distinctive strengths and unique gifts to motivate, empower, energize and inspire individuals globally to aspire to greatness in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.