Experiencing Joy In Ordinary Moments


joyful moments“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Many of us have bought into the idea that we can only experience joy when something extraordinary happens.  Is this really true?  I believe joy can be found in the simplicity of life; ordinary moments.

As I reflect on my week, much of my joy has been derived from ordinary moments.  In fact, some of these joyful moments are found in my daily routines.  I am quite sure that you can find joy in some of your “routine” ordinary moments as well.  Oftentimes, I believe these moments are missed because we’ve become so distracted with the busyness of life.  We’re not stopping long enough to smell the roses.  Instead, we’re stopping just long enough to identify the next task or the next fire to put out.

As I write this post, I am sitting in the dining room, watching Gabriella run around in the back yard.  She is pushing the swing back and forth and dodging it to prevent from being hit…LOL!  I experience great joy when I watch my daughter running around playing by herself.  I love her independence, energy and forms of expression. There are so many children in this world that are sickly and are unable to run around in their backyard experiencing the wind blowing through their hair and the sun beaming down on their face.  Lord, thank you; I am so grateful that my child is healthy and happy.  Here are a few more ordinary moments I experienced this week that brought me great joy:

1. While Gabriella and I were learning about the black bear on ABCMouse.com, she learned the word “hibernating.”  Moments later when I tested her on what she had learned, she said, “Mommy, black bears ‘flabernate’ in the winter.”  Of course she meant to say, “hibernate.”  It was such a “cute” and “joyful” moment.  I burst out laughing and she laughed even harder.

2. Two of my coaching clients this week, emailed me to say that they experienced a major breakthrough.  I cannot convey in words the joy I feel as I work with my clients to help them aspire to greatness in every area of their life.  Truly, it’s my passion.

3. Gabriella doing sit ups with me and doing her best to keep up…it’s just the funniest thing.

4. Reading and identifying quotes to paste on social media, and experiencing the joy in knowing that someone will be encouraged, motivated, empowered, energized and inspired to ASPIRE TO GREATNESS!

5. Experiencing my daughter’s very vivid imagination as she plays house with her dolls and sets up her Dora table for tea time.  The imagination of a four year old…there’s nothing like it.  What a coincidence…as I am writing this post, she’s setting up the Dora table and Mr. Bear and Baby Alive are her first guests J.  I wonder who else is coming.  She’s now telling me that I need to get ready to join them.  So, I guess I better hurry and finish this post :).

6. Writing this article with a knowing that someone will be inspired to LIVE. DO. BE. THINK. HIGHER!

7. Experiencing excitement as I my view my vision board and read my affirmations.  The joy that I feel knowing that my vision will come to past is priceless.

8. Gabriella running toward me with her black and yellow notebook, saying “Mom, I’m ready to do my lessons. ” I truly believe she’s going to grow up to become a lifelong learner.

9. Gabriella playing the guitar (for make believe) and singing along with Strawberry Shortcake.  She insists on watching this 20-minute cartoon EVERYDAY and doing the singing along.  And of course, she insist that I take front and center to watch her performance…yet again :).

10. I haven’t done this in the past 3 weeks, but it’s worth mentioning.  One of the things that bring me great joy is sitting on the beach, while reading, visioning, relaxing and meditating.  What makes it even more joyful, is watching Gabriella have the time of her life :).We’ll have to get back there before the weather changes.

In these ordinary moments, I experience joy that fills me with peace, love, hope and gratitude.  So, what are the ordinary moments that bring you joy?  I would like to invite you to take 10 minutes out of the 1440 minutes you have been given today and write them down.  After that, express gratitude and appreciation for the moments and the joy you have experienced.  Finally, please share 1-2 moments in the comments box below.   I believe that the sharing of your moments will inspire others to recognize and appreciate how good things really are.

Well, it’s tea time!  Gabriella, Mr. Bear and Baby Alive are awaiting my arrival :).



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