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BTR 2“The Power of Affirmations and Visualization – Pt. 2”

What an empowering show!!!

Sandra Haynes Sawyer, Esq and I would like to thank those who tuned into the “Ladies For Such A Time As This” Blog Talk Radio Show on Saturday, March 16. We truly hope that you walked away equipped with some knowledge and strategies on how to effectively use affirmations and visualization to create the life you want and deserve.

Remember, what you do has everything to do with your belief system. Therefore, it is imperative that you reprogram your subconscious mind for success and change your limited and negative belief systems. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK. Today you must AFFIRM and VISUALIZE the life you want and deserve.

To purchase a copy of Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott and Dr. Sunne-Ryse S. Smith book, “I AM THAT” please click on the link. This book is sure to help you develop the affirmations you need to attract the things you want in your life.

If you were unable to tune into the show, please click here to listen to the replay.

We look forward to you tuning in with us on Saturday, April 6.

Have a FANSPIRING day!

Always Aspiring,
Your Sister and Friend

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