What Energy Sources Are You Plugged Into To Ensure Your Success?


the idea!What energy sources do you plug into to ensure you are functioning properly and living a life of purpose?

An incandescent light bulb’s sole purpose is to bring illumination. It has the ability to lighten up a dark room and further brighten a lit room. The only way the bulb can achieve its purpose, is to be plugged into an energy source – a functioning electrical outlet. When an electrical current passes through the wire, it causes the wire to heat. The wire, or filament, gets so hot that it glows and gives off light. Unless the light bulb is plugged into an outlet, it will cease to function. If it is plugged into a faulty outlet, it will function improperly. Meaning, it may illuminate, but not to the extent for which it was designed.

Some of you may feel that you are not “functioning” properly. In some cases, you may feel as if you’re malfunctioning. Like the light bulb, to function properly, you must get plugged into positive energy sources!

For each person, these positive energy sources will differ. However, I believe for people aspiring to live a life of greatness, there are some key things you must plug into. Here are four things to consider:

I. Spiritual Development
We are “spiritual” beings having a “human” experience. Yet, many of us spend more time developing our outer man as opposed to our inner man. Many describe the “spirit” man as being everything about us that is non-physical; such as our thoughts, beliefs, mind, imaginations, intellect, creativity, plans, hopes, dreams, emotions, personality and attitudes. All of these components are what makes each of us the unique and great beings that we are. Hence, spiritual development is vital to ones growth as it helps to increase your awareness and consciousness; awaken you to your true identity and purpose; and helps you to understand that we are all connected.

To develop my spirit man, I have a daily regimen of worship, prayer, meditation and reading various types of literature. What are some of the things you do on a daily basis to develop spiritually? Becoming spiritually attuned will help you to live a life of purpose on purpose.

II. Affirmations
An affirmation is a clear and definitive statement that something is so; a declaration. What declarations are you making in your life on a daily basis? Are the majority of them positive or negative? Are most of them spoken unconsciously or consciously? Your affirmations are declarations of what you want to have, do and become in your life. What you have in your life, is a result of what you have affirmed.

Do you have a list of positive affirmations to create the life you desire? If “yes,” are they posted where you can see them? Do you read them aloud a minimum of twice a day? If “no,” please make a commitment to develop a list of at least 15 affirmations within the next 24 hours. Words are energy; words are power. Remember, you have what you say. Whatever you affirm over and over becomes your reality. It’s time that you become intentional about the life you want to create and experience.

In the spirit of sharing, here are five of the 27 affirmations I recite daily:

  1. I am a genius and use my mind, talents, gifts and abilities to produce wealth.
  2. I am living a life of divine purpose and destiny.
  3. I am in control of my mind; my mind serves me.
  4. I am the host of a talk show and radio program that aspires individuals to live a life of greatness.
  5. I am a powerful Life Coach, partnering with people to help them live their best life now!

III. A Community of Like-Minded Individuals
It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child; which I believe to be true. In the same way, it can be said that it takes a village to birth a vision;  realize a dream; inspire one to dream and think big; to provide the accountability and support necessary to achieve success. There’s nothing more powerful, than being plugged into a community of like-minded individuals that think the way you do and push you beyond your comfort zone to accomplish things you never dreamed possible.  As they say, “iron sharpens iron.” What an incredible energy source! Who’s sharpening you? Do you belong to a community of like-minded individuals? If not, find one and get plugged in.

IV. Vision Board
Your vision board is one of the most powerful energy sources you could ever own and plug into; as it is a visual representation of every dream, desire and goal you want to manifest in your life. I refer to my vision board as my “future reality.” Everyday, I affirm that my vision WILL come to pass.

With so many competing priorities in our lives, it can be challenging to stay focused on your vision; not to mention the energy and focus that is needed to make it happen. Can you imagine the energy you receive and send out by plugging into a source that visually conveys what you want to have, do and be in your life…every single day. For this reason, my vision board hangs above my bed. My vision for my life is the first thing I see when I awake; and it’s the last image I see before drifting off to sleep. Do you have a vision board? If not, today is a great day to create one. Your vision board is a vital key to your success.

Just like the light bulb was created to shine, so are you. But first, you must get plugged in!


Always Aspiring,
Your Sister and Friend

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